Bots will Change Social Media Landscape

As we move closer to WEB 3.0 interactions with the immense data being created on the net, I would assume that bots will become our tools to locate and introduce us to new sources of data and people interested in similar topics.

Researchers Use Twitter-Bots To Increase Human-To-Human Interaction By 43%

A group of Web researchers may have found a way to use Twitter bots to increase interaction between people, as well as between Twitter users and brands.

As first reported by MIT Technology Review, the Web Ecology Project started as a contest to see which team of researchers could get the most @ mentions on Twitter. Some teams developed surprisingly lifelike Twitter bots which tricked human Twitter users into thinking they were real people.

But then something unexpected happened: not only did the Twitter bots get those people to follow them and retweet their messages, but they also increased human connections.


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