Very good post on the TEB Blog dealing with globalization. In the “WEB 2.0 Essentials” class, we show you how to use data found on the internet, work collaboratively with people anywhere in the globe, break down the boundaries associated with tradition education and work. It is a must-take class for anyone that works in diverse teams.

TED Blog

Pankaj Ghemawat coined a new phrase in his talk from TEDGlobal: “globaloney.”

In other words, Ghemawat takes issue with the idea that national borders are eroding and that we are all just living in “one world.” It’s a notion Ghemawat says was first floated in the 1850s by David Livingston, the Scottish explorer who traveled the Nile, and that persists strongly through today. And yet, says Ghemawat, data shows that it isn’t necessarily true.

“I’m going to suggest that globaloney can be very harmful to your health,” says Ghemawat, the author of Global 3.0: Global Prosperity and How to Achieve It, in his talk. “If we thought we were already there, there’d be no particular point to pushing harder … Being accurate about how limited globalization levels are is critical to being able to notice that there might be room for something more that would contribute further to…

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