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Screenqueri.es | Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool

Screenqueri.es | Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool.

At some point the discussion over responsive design comes up when talking to students about their favorite sites.  A good way to show them sites that are designed to handle different media types or devices is by using the beta utility linked about.

I will also be using this tool in my next “Advanced WEB Design” class as it is cost prohibitive for the college to keep all the different sized devices handy for my students to test their new templates or site designs.



Skitch – Fast screen capture, image editing and sharing!

One of the problems with taking images on your smart phone is the lack of ability to manipulate them before you send them on.  For instance, in my smartphone photo journal, I take picture and then post them directly to my blog:


With Skitch, I can now crop the image to get rid of unwanted (and possibly distracting) space around the subject of my image.

Annotate, edit and shareyour photos and screenshots… fast. Use Skitch to…

via Skitch – Fast screen capture, image editing and sharing!.

Skitch is becoming on of my favorite tools after taking a shot that I want to pass on to another service like Flickr or email to somone.  Give it a try and see ho w you like it.   I would love to read or see examples of how you used it.  Post your links in the comments below.

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