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Piclogo – Check-in by Photo (iPhone)

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I have not used this service, but since we recently talked about tagging and specifically geo tagging i thought this little service seemed interesting, especially the part that you only have to take a picture of the logo of the location you are at for the service to figure out where you are.

The first one click check-in and coupon delivery app!
Picalogo iPhone app enables you to get coupons and check-in to various services – like Foursquare and Facebook places – merely by taking a picture of the logo of the business you’re in! It’s everywhere in the business

via Piclogo – http://picalogo.com.

I can envision a time where auto check-in will take pace when you take a picture of somewhere you are at. ¬†Your cell phone already know the Lat and Long of where you are so it wouldn’t take that much.


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