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Every 60 seconds in social media (infographic)

The chart in the referenced post is an awesome reason to explain to someone why they need to learn about and master the WEB 2.0 world. It is the way the world is moving.


8 Great Ways Couples Can Use Evernote Shared Notebooks « Evernote Blogcast

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In my “WEB 2.0 for Students” class, we cover tools that help people collaborate in this fast moving world.    Having a set of tools that allow you to seamlessly share information with others so that they can add their input or provide you new information to react to is critical.

Evernote is a tool I cover in the class as an example of a well made tool that helps students, and anyone for that matter, organize and connect with others.   It is something you should look into as well.

8 Great Ways Couples Can Use Evernote Shared Notebooks

You use Evernote to capture and remember a lot of things that are relevant to you. Some of what you have in your Evernote account is also relevant to your significant other. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we came up with eight tips for using Evernote to inspire one another, communicate better and get things done together.

8 Ways to Use Evernote as a Couple

  • For recipes: A couple that cooks together…We’ve heard from a number of users that sharing recipes makes planning weeknight dinners much easier. Share clipped or scanned recipes, as well as tasty memories you captured using Evernote Food.
  • For travel planning: Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, or a yearlong trip around the world, you can use Evernote to stay organized. Email your itineraries, save maps annotated in Skitch, store photos, and more to a Shared Notebook. [Learn more about ways to use Evernote to plan a trip]
  • For shopping and to-do lists: Get household chores and family responsibilities done faster. Share grocery shopping lists, checklists, and more. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  • For sharing information about your kids: If you’re a parent, you have to retain a lot of information about your kids — from class rosters to sports practices, vaccinations to everything in between. Make sure you and your partner are both in the know about everything related to your kids’ lives by sharing this information using a Shared Notebook.
  • For home improvement projects: You’re already keeping track of kitchen cabinets, wood finishes, and vendor contact info in your Evernote. Put it all in a Shared Notebook and save yourself all those back and forth emails.
  • For doing your taxes: Did you know you could use Evernote to keep track of your tax documents and related information? Share these with each other and have handy access to everything you need when doing your own taxes or meeting with your accountant. [Learn how you could use Evernote to do your taxes]
  • For gift ideas: Make gift giving easier by sharing gift ideas for each other, kids, relatives and friends. [Learn how to use Evernote for remembering gift ideas]
  • For staying in touch over long distances: Capture all of the things that happen to you over the course of your day and drop it in a Shared Notebook to shorten the distance between you.

via 8 Great Ways Couples Can Use Evernote Shared Notebooks « Evernote Blogcast.

In class, students are asked to work on research projects.  The data they collect is stored in a shared folder on tools like Evernote.  (The instructor is added in so I can see how they are progressing, and who is actually doing the work.)

If you have any other ideas on how Evernote could be used, leave a comment.  Thanks.

Class Promotional Material

As I was reviewing the latest example created by Visual.ly (see below) for Ground Hog Day, it dawned on me that this would be a great project to take on for each of the classes I teach at Lake Michigan College.

Create a visual collage which shows the following:

  • Text and Author
  • Chapter Title
  • High lights in each chapter
  • Technology used in the class to aid students
  • Over of projects the class will undertake
  • Type of homework
  • Type of exams

This material would be available in the e-catalog and admissions advisers.

OK, what and I missing and what do you think of the idea?

9 Quick Tips For Better iPhoneography

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I found this post on Mashable and thought it was very pertenant for students who are starting out sharing photo content when self publishing.  The saturation of smart phones and photography has open a new door to shared imagery this world has never seen before.

The full post can be fount at:

via 9 Quick Tips For Better iPhoneography.

For example, I show my students how to self publish photos to a blog using their smartphone.  The photos are taken and thenemailed to a Flickr account which then automatically publish the photo to a blog with a preset template.


Tips for New Bloggers

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In the first few weeks of our class we cover self publishing.  You will be asked to blog daily to recieve full credit for the points.   The post below might help with some of the intial jitters.

64 Practical Blogging Tips For Absolute Beginners

Hope that helps.


Found this item and thought it might be of use to students trying to collaborate on documents together while being at different locations.

Webconferencing is boring. Were not.

Share Documents Live. Get Minutes Worth Keeping.Dont let distance keep you away from you team.Great audio. Amazing tools. Shockingly easy-to-use.

Bring your team meetings to a whole new level.in a hurry

via LiveMinutes.

Let me know how it goes.

Skitch – Fast screen capture, image editing and sharing!

One of the problems with taking images on your smart phone is the lack of ability to manipulate them before you send them on.  For instance, in my smartphone photo journal, I take picture and then post them directly to my blog:


With Skitch, I can now crop the image to get rid of unwanted (and possibly distracting) space around the subject of my image.

Annotate, edit and shareyour photos and screenshots… fast. Use Skitch to…

via Skitch – Fast screen capture, image editing and sharing!.

Skitch is becoming on of my favorite tools after taking a shot that I want to pass on to another service like Flickr or email to somone.  Give it a try and see ho w you like it.   I would love to read or see examples of how you used it.  Post your links in the comments below.

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